Movie Fun Mom Dinner (2017)

Movie Fun Mom Dinner (2017)
  • Year: 2017
  • Quality: WEBRip
  • Country: USA
  • Film director: Altea Jones
  • Language: English
  • Movie Size: 1.24GB
  • Resolution: 720p
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Movie Fun Mom Dinner (2017) description:

Emily moves with her husband Tom and two young children to a new place. Here lives her girlfriend Kate with her husband and four sons. Emily is a very homely person who used to work as a lawyer before, and now she devotes herself to her loved ones. Kate also spends most of her time at home, but she does not like being around, does not pretend to share their interests, and is generally only tied to a limited circle of acquaintances.

Local mummies from Garden Jamie and Melanie invite Emily to have dinner and rest from worries. It makes Kate come cunning. At first, the conversation does not go too far, but women find common themes, find out that they are not so different, and then decide to continue the evening with a series of spontaneous adventures.

While Tom looks after the offspring and argues with a friend about marriage and values, Emily smokes grass and walks through the bars. At night, there will always be consequences, but which exactly will show time …

Cast: Catherine Aselton, Tony Collette, Hart Denton, Gerald Dewey, Lee Dunham, John Earley, Bridget Everett, Emmersin Fiorentino, Cooper J. Friedman, Poppy Gagnon

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