Open Water 3: Cage Dive WEB-Rip

Open Water 3: Cage Dive WEB-Rip
  • Year: 2017
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  • Country: USA
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  • Language: English, russian
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  • Resolution: 720p
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Open Water 3: Cage Dive WEB-Rip description:

“Above Depth: The Chronicle of Torrent Survival” is the story of two young guys and an attractive girl who decide to leave the States and go on an unforgettable vacation to Australia. The first days in a beautiful country allow students to fully enjoy the weekend. The sea of ​​booze, the lack of parental control and the endless ocean – all that is necessary for unforgettable moments. However, it quickly bothers the guys, as a result of which they are talking about a deep-sea dive. Protected from strong blows, a metal cage can withstand even attacks from hungry white sharks, to see which the protagonists gather.


Without hesitation, vacationers agree to take part in the dive, therefore on the same day in the film Above Depth: The Chronicle of Survival is realized. It would seem that the difficulties should not arise, because before them to the bottom plunged many other people. But quite unexpectedly for everyone, during the dive, a huge wave hits the boat, which leads to very undesirable consequences. The ship turns over from a powerful blow and leaves to the bottom, as a result of which passengers are overboard, like the heroes immersed in water. For a predator, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a pleasant dinner, which he will have enough for a long time.

Attempts to survive

Download Above Depth: The Chronicle of Survival follows the audience, adoring atmospheric moments, which in the picture will be many. The main characters will have to repeatedly get into desperate situations. But despite all the efforts, it will be extremely difficult to get out alive from the ocean. In addition, it will be possible to get out only the strongest and hardiest participants of extreme rest.

Helpful information

Above Depth: The Chronicles of Survival are based on real events, during which young people had to be saved, which seemed an impossible task. The film can be reliably attributed to the pseudo-documentary category, shot by the talented director Gerald Rachionato, which became for him the debut work, both in working with the script and in the director’s field. He tried to make the plot line of the drama as exciting as possible, so that viewers began to worry about the heroes who were in a terrible situation.

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