The Belko experiment 2017 WebRip

The Belko experiment 2017 WebRip
  • Year: 2017
  • Quality: HDRip
  • Country: USA
  • Film director: Greg McLean
  • Language: English, russian
  • Movie Size: 1.37 GB
  • Resolution: 720p
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The Belko experiment 2017 WebRip description:

“Experiment” Office “” torrent “almost one hundred employees of the American company Belko Industries, located in Bogotá, are being held captive by an unknown person. Exits from the office building are completely blocked and there is simply nowhere to run. The voice of the culprit of all this horror repeats that every person present must become a participant in a certain game, the winner of which can stay alive. Wolf laws quickly begin to gain momentum and the first victim is already dying. However, before the finals are still far away, therefore, the participants have to try hard to survive. They need to overstep a sense of guilt and regret, which will coldly kill their opponents.

Team game
Almost instantly, in the “Office” Experiment, people begin to team up to increase their chances during the battles. The main characters manage to get into the group of the most honest and fair fighters, who categorically refuse to fulfill the conditions of the hiding maniac. From now on, their goal is to find the organizer of the massacre and force him to answer for all the murders that occurred. But it is not so easy to realize what was conceived, if we take into account the furious crowd of workers wishing to get out of the hellish place as quickly as possible.

Best American Horror
The thriller of director Greg McLean and screenwriter James Gunn is created in the best traditions of operational films and projects, having a category “B” survival-horror. Download Experiment “Office” definitely follows the fans of these horrors, as the plot will keep the viewer in suspense throughout the film. The plot line will undoubtedly surprise and predict the further actions of the main characters the audience will not be able to.

A few facts about the project
John Gallagher, Jr., who played the leading role in the “Office” experiment, had previously experienced his abilities in casting “The Guardians of the Galaxy.” However, James Gunn gave a categorical refusal to the actor to prepare a separate film for him. It was due to the fact that he was the best during the test, after which Gunn decided to transfer it to another project. Also, it should be noted that this work is already the fourth joint screenwriter James Gunn and actor Michael Rooker.

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